We approach real estate needs differently. In fact, we do a lot of things differently. Our founders took lessons they learned from decades of experience as real estate investors and pulled them together into a single solution. Theoria works to solve each of your real estate needs, acting as your single point of contact during your transaction. Whether you are buying your first home, or acquiring a portfolio as an investor, Theoria wants to solve your problems making your experience a pleasurable one.

Simply put, we are what real estate should be.

Theoria is the Greek word for contemplation. It embodies the ideas of awareness and thoughtfulness. That’s what makes Theoria unique. It is the heart of everything we do. We understand the industry, and we will work to understand your unique needs. When you choose to work with our team, you’ll benefit from our outlook. See things differently with us.

Feel free to contact us via email, or by calling us at 512.900.8282. We look forward to serving you.